Does this sound right?

  • While you are doing and achieving a lot in the outside world, something still feels missing?
  • Do you feel guilty when at work for missing time with family and friends, but feel guilty about missing out on work when you are with them?
  • You have everything that one calls 'success' but you are not done yet?
  • You can seem very confident to the world but occasionally and sometimes more frequently you feel you are not doing enough or the 'right things'?
  • You are giving so much to so many and are always there for your employees, family, kids but occasionally, and sometimes more frequently you feel alone.
  • You are committed, hardworking, and compassionate, but still, you are finding it hard to break that glass ceiling, create your dream life, and live your greatest potential?
  • Do you feel that asking for help will be a sign of weakness, and so you often try to figure things out on your own?
  • Do you really care about people but are often misunderstood?
  • You want to create a life where everyone is happy, but you put your happiness to the end? It's always one day - at some point in the future.
  • You secretly know that there is more to life than earning and going on holidays?
 If any of this is you, YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE


What got you here, will not get you there. Are you willing to try new things?



Knowledge without Understanding is useless. I know a lot of broke people who have read all the books on Money. 



Investing in yourself could be uncomfortable. There is a risk that what if it doesn't work. What you are really worried about is what if I don't work. That's good. Because the more uncomfortable you are, the higher the risk you think it is, the more likely you are to do the work. And so get the results.


Are you ready to get uncomfortable for what you truly want? 
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