Coaching for Extraordinary Leaders

Helping You achieve your 'IMPOSSIBLE' goals in life and business without compromising the GOOD THINGS

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Coaching for Extraordinary Leaders

Helping You achieve your 'IMPOSSIBLE' goals in life and business without compromising the GOOD THINGS


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Most leaders experience a sense of unfulfillment when they realise they have worked hard for things that they did not really want. What if you had the clarity about exactly where you want to be and a step-by-step plan to get there without compromising the GOOD THINGS?




 The problem with holding the topmost position is that it could get lonely there. There is no one to help you slow down. There is no one to hold you accountable for doing the things that are really important to you. As a result, you spend all your time doing urgent things. And the important things never get done. You spend your life surviving and not creating.



Most business owners are driving around with handbrakes on. Years of subconscious programming and limiting beliefs are sabotaging their happiness and success without them realising. They fix the symptoms such as stress, sleep, money, happiness, relations, and procrastination. But they never go deeper to fix the problem - their thoughts, their beliefs, and their mind.

Your Mind is the only Problem and your Mind is also the only solution. How you manage your Mind is how you manage everything - health, wealth, relations, and happiness. Let me show you what's stopping you and how you can achieve your 3-year goals in 6 months by working fewer hours.

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From Anurag:

Life is like a Game. Don't try to control the Game, because you can not. Focus on becoming a Better Player.

Let me remind you how powerful you really are.


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What our Clients are Saying


Pub & Property Business

"Transformational Results"

I started the program feeling very stressed juggling multiple businesses. Anurag really helped me through this time, to become calm and focused.

The coaching I received really has transformed my life and my business. I couldn’t recommend Anurag enough, I’m excited to work with him again to propel myself to the next level!


CEO of a Technology Firm

"Anurag Rai brings out the Genius within You"

Anurag is an absolute genius when it comes to changing beliefs and habits. My business has boomed, my relation with my wife and kids has never been so beautiful. I feel I am on top of my health and I have not been this happy before. Every penny you pay to work with Anurag is totally worth it and 10 times more.


Aberdeen Business Network

"I'm seeing major shifts and benefits"

I've really enjoyed working with Anurag over the last 3 months. It's been fun, positive, and very insightful - with the right level of accountability too!

I'm seeing major shifts and benefits already and am looking forward to the next 3 months.



Are You Ready to Level UP?


Or are you going to procrastinate this like you procrastinate other important things?