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Online Portal

Our programs are interactive and the goal is not to give you more information but to help you transform. With every program, you get access to an interactive online learning portal as soon as you enroll.

A Global Community

We are proud of our amazing students just like you. Get access to a private Facebook group where you can connect and network with a growing community of fellow Superhumans.

Proven Formula For Growth

Our training and courses will force you to take action. The formula behind each program is personally tested by Anurag on him and his clients. All you have to do is follow.

Step Into Your Superhuman Self by Reprogramming Your Mind, Body & Energy

We, humans, are three-dimensional beings. In order to do more in life and business without stress, overwhelm, and burnout, we must grow ourselves in all three dimensions.


Our mind has limitless potentials. Most of us can only access 10% potentials of our brains at the human level. The modern world is full of distractions and things that clutter our brains. But when we operate at the Superhuman level, we can create new possibilities; we can BEND REALITY. We believe that there is a step by step process to train the mind.


With advancements in medical science, we will soon be able to live past 100 years. But will we have a healthy and beautiful body to do everything we love in those 40 or so years after retirement? At Superhuman University, we combine ancient wisdom to modern research and give you the best advice on nutrition, routine, and fitness to REVERSE your biological AGE.


Whether you believe in God, Universe, or supreme power, most of us agree that there is an energy, prana, or chi, that governs every celestial body or being. We believe that there are specific laws to operate at the Superhuman (higher consciousness) level, that have been told in ancient books and have been studied by modern science. 

"The techniques I have learned from Anurag have not only shifted my mindset but also helped me massively increase my productivity. "

Investment Banker

"I started the 13 weeks feeling very stressed juggling multiple businesses and some fairly serious family health issues. Anurag really helped me through this time, and although I am still operating multiple businesses I’m am now much calmer and more focused. It really has transformed my life and my business. I really couldn’t recommend Anurag enough, I’m excited to work with him again to propel myself to the next level!"

Pub Owner & Property Investor

"Transformational Experience Working with Anurag was Life Changing. I was going through a tough phase in my life and needed to gain control on my anger and stress. Just after three sessions I feel like a different man. After working with Anurag and using the tools he shared I can easily let go of things. I no more feel angry or stressed about little things. I highly recommend him. "


"Anurag's Three Dimensional Transformation Model is nothing like the usual personal growth BS. It hits hard at the right points and makes so much sense. I achieved more in three weeks than the last three years of trying all different kinds of things to improve my results & mindset."


"Anurag has helped me transform the way I approached problems. Practicing gratitude has lifted my energy levels. 4 levels of consciousness model has helped me assess my progress. Little hacks have helped me to sleep better."

Property Investor


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