Becoming Limitless with Chris Dorris

Season #3 Episode #4

Join me in this week's episode of Unleash The Superhuman In You, a conversation with Chris Dorris - The Mental Toughness Coach. In this short episode, Chris will challenge your limiting beliefs and share ways to improve your results by shifting your mindset.

About Chris Dorris

Since 1994, Chris Dorris has served as an advisor, consultant and Mental Toughness Trainer, and Personal Transformation Coach to elite athletes, executives, entrepreneurs, and individuals worldwide. He conducts workshops and seminars on Mental Conditioning, Leadership, and Peak Performance.

What began as a commitment to help people feel more excited and enthusiastic about their lives has evolved as Chris is now called upon by elite athletes, CEOs, entertainers, coaches and parents, professors, physicians, sales teams, researchers, and entrepreneurs. Chris is an international speaker who has addressed distinguished audiences that include numerous Fortune 100 Companies. He coaches athletes from the Professional Golf Association, the National Football League, the National Hockey League, Major League Baseball, Olympic athletes, and hundreds of amateurs. He is the author of Creating Your Dream: Confidently Stepping into Your Own Brilliance, and several audio programs including the Creating Your Dream Audio Course and ALL IN!: The Power of Full Commitment.

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